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Ayima Group AB (publ)

Ayima's business concept is to offer advanced search and digital marketing strategies through in-house developed IT search tools and tailored 'in-house' services.

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Tourn International AB (publ)

Tourn International runs the advertising network, Tourn connects advertising buyers with bloggers.

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CGit Holding AB (publ)

CGit develops solutions for those who need help with IT infrastructure, operations, security, hosting, or consultants who support you in your business.

Hubso Group AB (publ)

ORGO / HUBSO is a company that develops software in 'retail-tech' and social media.

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Sjöstrand Coffee Int AB

Sjöstrand Coffee's business concept is to design, market, and sell high-quality espresso machines together with related products.

Mediacle Group AB (publ)

The company conducts business in digital marketing and electronics trading via several websites.

Game Chest group AB (Publ)

Through its brands, Game Chest provides customers with monthly subscriptions to various packages that contain varying numbers and types of computer games. Noted: January 2019

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M.O.B.A. Network AB (publ)

MOBA Network owns and operates several of the world's largest sports groups, MOBA operates a total of 8 global sports communities on its platform.

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Sociallite US AB (publ)

Sociallite US AB a SaaS and lead generation company.

Ecore Group AB (publ)

E-commerce company within the retail sector

JS Security Technologies Group AB

Cyber security and blockchain logy. Decentralization mitigates the risk of data failure while simultaneously increasing security and privacy